21 Aug 2017

Why You Should Switch to LED Lamps Right Now

LED lamps last several times longer than a regular lamp. Now, that part you probably knew, but what you might not know is that we are talking years here. Some LED lamps can last up to 8-10 years of regular use! So, if you’re not very fond of changing light bulbs every now and then, this is a solution for you. Just imagine: you can go through a whole decade without ever changing a single light bulb in your home. Or in your kid’s room because they don’t know how to do it themselves. Or in your girlfriend’s apartment because she expects you to take care of that.

Starting from as little as £2.99, the prices of LED lamps have dropped significantly and keep on decreasing every few months. Here are several reasons why you should switch to LED lamps right now:

LED lamps are more efficient and come in daylight colour

Say goodbye to those horrible family pictures around the Christmas table, where everybody looks odd and ghostly because of the unnatural, white lightning. Professional photographers always use daylight to take pictures, because it gives a more natural and truer look.

The LED lamps use only about 10% of the energy a regular lamp requires! 95% of the energy in a LED lamp is converted into light and only 5% turns into heat. Moreover, there is no warm-up time; they come to their full brightness straight away.

They come in other colours too

No need to buy any party requisites if you’re having people over or preparing a New Year’s celebration. The LED lamps come in different colours, with a remote control so you can choose the colour. Suddenly your home can glow in calming green, exciting red or warm yellow! The choice is yours. Some remote controls come with various options, so you can choose or switch between flash, strobe, fade, dimming or fixed colour.

Plants love LED light

A number of greenhouse experiments have shown that LED lighting has surprisingly positive effects on plants. Turns out these lamps emit light in wavelengths which are generally good for plant growth, supporting greenhouse production in minimum time and good quality. LED lamps are cold, they don’t get warm, meaning that plants can be placed close to them without getting overheated.


They look cool and are great for home decoration

With so many different designs available on the market today, some LED lamps can look very nice and be used as part of your home décor. If you, for example, purchase a dimmable retro LED lamp, it could work wonderfully with your retro ceiling lamp shade. Your home studio or office could assume a completely different look if you use one of these in your desk lamp.

LEDs emit less UV light

Even though studies have shown that standard LED lamps do create a small amount of UV radiation, but their UV emission is even smaller. The phosphors within a LED lamp converts the UV light to white light, which is safe. Museums and galleries use LED lightning to preserve the paintings and archaeological artefacts, due to its low emission of Ultraviolet light.

They are eco-friendly

In a world where the climate change is becoming a reality and governments promote the usage of eco-friendly products to help save the environment, eco-friendly source of lighting should receive a warm welcome and wide application.

LED lights have no toxic chemicals in them, unlike most of the conventional light bulbs that contain materials such as mercury. They are also 100% recyclable and, thanks to their long lifetime span, a single LED lamp can replace up to 25 regular light bulbs.

Ultimately, they save money

Our standard LED lamps can last up to 35,000 hours of regular use. That is about 3.9 years of constant use. Our price is £6.17. So, let’s say you need 10 lamps in your household and happen to purchase our LED lamps. That would cost you £61.70 for the next three to four years.

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