Lighting Supplies & Fixture Store

Whenever you’re looking to make your house more stylish, you always need to consider lighting. Without decorative and beautifully designed lights, your home won’t be optimised for the best possible experience – either for you or your guests. At MrSparx, we provide you with the latest in decorative lighting, whether it’s in the name of lamps, bulbs, or light chandeliers.

We stay on the edge of the latest in design, and aim to provide you with everything you need. Our store has a selection in ambient lighting, task lighting, occasion lighting, and accent lights – with the latter being ideal for showing off a specific piece of art of sculpture, or even a particular part of a room. We stock a variety of interior lights, including low energy types,

All our products are focused on function and aesthetic, two important components behind a great lighting setup. There are many different Light fixture stores in Wimbledon, but just a few of them blend great products with staff that have years of experience in this industry. We’re one of those stores.

Great lighting isn’t just about making your house look stylish, it’s also about creating an ambience. The atmosphere of a hotel can make or break your stay, and believe it or not, a lot of that has to do with the lighting. So why wouldn’t the same thing apply to your home? The key to building a great atmosphere in your house, one keeps you feeling relaxed, day after day, is to create a beautifully lit environment.

Our products will be ideal for your kitchen bathroom, bedrooms, living room, and even your garden area. With our range of styles, you’ll surely find something that’s to your personal taste. So give us a call or pop down to our store – we’ll be glad to welcome you. Our lighting supplies will leave you feeling like you’re missing out on a lot of benefit. Once you make just one adjustment to your lighting setup, you’ll start to see just how vital it is for your home.

With so many options for light installations though, things can get confusing. That’s why our expert staff will try their best to determine what will be best for your home. Our showroom in Wimbledon is a great way to get started on your journey on making your home an ever better place to live.